These general terms of delivery apply to the contracting relationship between a supplier and a buyer of a gift card. The supplier has the right to cancel a completed order or annul the purchase if general terms of contract or service-specific special terms have been breached.


The buyer purchases a gift card from the supplier’s gift card shop. The supplier delivers the purchased gift card to the address (buyer of receiver of gift card) provided by the buyer in an order form once the purchase and payment have been registered in the system. Gift cards are delivered using the method chosen by the buyer, either as a PDF file sent to an e-mail address specified by the customer or printed on paper via standard post. A fee dependable of delivery method will be added to gift card prices.

Prices listed in gift card shop include a possible value-added tax.

By purchasing a gift card the customer accepts general terms of delivery and service-specific special terms valid at the time of purchase.


Products and their delivery fees are paid during order.


The buyer of a gift card has the right to cancel a gift card order made via the supplier’s gift card shop within 14 days of the date of delivery of the gift card to the buyer or receiver of gift card. However, this cancellation right is not valid if the gift card has been used,

date for the service has been booked or the service provider has begun preparations for completing the service. The buyer must return the gift card during cancellation.

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